Discover a great new listen during #TryPod month: This week try Awesome Etiquette

A little over a year ago, I moved into a brand spankin’ new workspace – modern and open. It’s a great space for collaboration, creativity and efficiency, but sometimes even an extrovert like me needs a break from the newsroom-style space with 20 or so vivacious creatives.

Here I am at work listening to a podcast.

In this open space, my headphones are a refuge and a way to retreat when I want to do some quiet, focus work.

When I’m not listening to music, I am listening to podcasts – I have a strong, deeply held desire to learn, and podcasts are a feast for the learner’s soul. In honor of #TryPod month, I’ll be sharing my top recommendations at least once a week in March.

Awesome Etiquette

“Awesome Etiquette” is produced weekly by Dan Post Senning and Lizzie Post, great-great grandchildren of the grand dame of etiquette, Emily Post. They tackle everything from the traditional (“Should a lady always cross her legs at the ankles?”) to the contemporary (“How do I pull off a vegan wedding when my mom wants a carving station?”).

Listeners can submit questions and etiquette dilemmas, and Dan and Lizzie always take the time to do a deep dive on at least 1 burning issue. Every episode ends with an etiquette salute.

Dan and Lizzie are charming – but what makes this podcast so great is that it is based on heartfelt consideration, respect and building close, personal relationships that enrich our lives. Far from being a stuffy notion, etiquette is demystified into bite-size chunks of information that make our lives more comfy, less awkward and more authentic.

Have a recommendation for me? I’m always adding to my listening list, so feel free to suggest your favorites!


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