Fall preview: Halloween is the most wonderful time of the year

Halloween 2015
There was a distinct chill in the air on Sunday morning as I plugged in my ear buds to listen to Shock Waves podcast and set out on my long run. That noticeable drop in temperature, along with the appearance of the Halloween decor at Michael’s craft store can only mean one thing — we are entering the best time of year — Halloween. For me and mine, Halloween is a 2-month endeavor, eclipsing September and October.

And, if my constant pestering of our babysitter pool is any indication, the next couple months are going to be busy. Here are a few of the events I am most looking forward to — if you’re looking for something to do, check ’em out.

Hell’s Headbash, Sept. 2-4 – The fellows from Hell’s Headbangers have an amazing lineup for this 3rd annual metal fest, and while I can’t be there for all 3 days, I’ll be there on Saturday, and my partner in life and crime will be there on Saturday and Sunday. Check it out if you like it heavy.

Me and my daughter on the Maize Valley hay ride last year.
Maize Valley Fall Festival, Sept. 10-Oct. 30 – Riding out to Maize Valley’s pumpkin patch on the hay ride and picking out pumpkins is a family tradition for us. But what really makes Maize Valley special is everything else — Megasaurus, a gigantic robotic dinosaur that crunches cars and breathes fire; the pumpkin cannon; and the corn maze. Oh yeah, and the craft beer and wine we can sample while we chase after our kids.

Riot Fest in Chicago, Sept. 16-18 – My heart skipped a beat when I saw that a reunion of the original Misfits lineup was happening. Talk about something I thought would never happen — Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig sharing a stage for the first time in 30 years. And while I would go for this alone, the rest of the lineup is pretty great — notably, Rob Zombie playing White Zombie’s “Astro Creep 2000,” Ween, Sleater Kinney, Dee Snider and more.

Did I mention I run?
Akron Marathon, Sept. 24 – I’m running my first full marathon this year. It’s been a long few months training for the race, and I’ve missed my long-run-free weekends of eating Taco Bell, watching late-night horror movies and drinking beer. I’m ready to do this! The race is a great event that showcases the best of Akron while raising money for Akron Children’s Hospital.

Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory, Sept. 30 – Oct. 30 – I love haunted houses, and this one (voted one of the best in the U.S.) is on my list every year. In fact, the only year in recent memory that I missed was the year I was pregnant with my daughter — I didn’t want a jump scare to cause an early labor.

Meeting the guests at Cinema Wasteland is a highlight of the season. Here we are with the star of “Street Trash.”
Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo, Sept. 30-Oct. 2 – Hands-down the best grindhouse/horror/cult film convention around. This isn’t your mainstream, star-studded show with super long lines and high ticket prices; it’s a show for fans. This time around, the organizers have put together an Evil Dead reunion, as well as a host of other great guests and flicks. Check out my post from the Spring 2016 show to get an idea of what it’s all about.

I was Tank Girl for Theatre Bizarre last year.
Theatre Bizarre, Oct. 15 & 22 – We’ll be donning our Halloween finery and heading up to Detroit for this masquerade ball extraordinaire. Part circus, part costume party, part freak show, part concert festival, this event must be experienced to be believed.

Me and the kids before Trick ot Treat
Trick or Treat, Oct. 29 – We go all out at Halloween with a huge yard display, costumes for the whole family, a fog machine and spooky tunes. I love it and so do the kids.

Our spooky yard display
I would love to hear your plans for this fall season. Share your events and local Halloween haunts in the comments.



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