Enough with the mashups already

I am not amused by your mashupFull disclosure — this post is going to make me sound like a crotchety old lady. You know, like waving my cane, shouting, “You kids! Get off my lawn!”

I’m so over mashups. Honestly, I never really understood them to begin with. What’s the appeal of a shirt that has King Diamond’s make-up on Johnny Cash’s face? Yes, both singers are national treasures of their respective countries. But why morph the 2?


And why put Bill Murray’s face on John Wayne’s body? I’m not amused.


Predator and Bart Simpson? Nope.

tumblr_o82o1n6ZdB1thr7ppo1_500Don’t get me wrong, I love horror and music merch, and some of the companies responsible for these stupid mashups are really cool and make great stuff. Just stick to the basics. Stop trying to make everything ironic.

I like Bart Simpson, Predator, King Diamond, Johnny Cash, Bill Murray and John Wayne. But I don’t need to see all 6 of them in some bizarre human-centipede-esque mashup on a T-shirt.

My advice? Embrace your contradictions. Don’t have any “guilty” pleasures. Just today, I listened to Twisted Sister and John Denver. I never want to see them mashed up, because they are totally awesome on their own.


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