Record keeping in Morgantown at Retro-tique

RUu7jsvcWhenever I go on a trip, I like to check out the local record shop. Why? Because there’s no better place to discover the artistic soul of a place — or to meet cool people. And of course, because sometimes you find great things.

I recently went to Morgantown, West Virginia for a marketing conference at West Virginia University. Before checking into the very cool Chestnut Hotel, I walked down to Retro-tique, a vintage store on Walnut Ave.  The store is about 50% vintage vinyl and 50% vintage toys, clothes, electronics and accessories.

Want a quick litmus test to judge the overall awesome-ness of a record store? Well, if you see The Cramps in the used bin, you can pretty much assume you’ve struck solid gold.There was this too…  And, oh yeah, a huge wall of vintage electronics. Pretty cool, huh?
Is this a pic of me geeking out over the great selection in the store? No, it’s just a King Crimson record. After I perused the vinyl, I introduced myself to Jillian, the co-owner of the shop. She was a sweetheart, and check out her tattoos! Elvira and Dolly Parton! After some joint fan-girling over the Mistress of the Dark and the Queen of Country Music, she invited me to an art show in town — a tribute to Prince. The show ended up being really great, by the way. The second room of the shop was chock-full of vintage clothes, but what really caught my eye was the horror ephemera. First there was this — a super special edition LaserDisc box set of “Hellraiser.” What a stunning package.
 Although I don’t own a LaserDisc player, I  love the gate-fold presentation of the film (which, incidentally, is in my top 5 favorite horror flicks of all time). Look at all those photos and liner notes! Plus a copy of the script. 
Then there was a stack of posters, including this amazing “Phantasm III” poster signed by Angus Scrimm.  And this signed poster featuring art from “Nightbreed.” IMG_3237  Then there was this box of VHS tapes, some of which were sealed.   “Driller Killer.”
“Nail Gun Massacre.”Goblin, live in concert. I think you get the point. I found myself sitting on the floor, mouth agape, looking at this box of fun stuff. 
And, if toys are your thing, Retro-tique had a lot of cool ones — check out the “Ghostbusters” display if you don’t believe me. If you’re in Morgantown, head over. Say hi to Jillian and spend some cash on something cool. I’m a firm believer that we have to support shops like this if we want to have them around in the future.

I can’t share what I actually ended up buying — as my purchases were Father’s Day gifts and that would spoil the fun for my husband. He’s my most devoted reader, after all.


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