Record keeping: My Mind’s Eye

If you live in Northeast Ohio and haven’t been to My Mind’s Eye record store in Lakewood, I highly recommend you roll on up there, preferably on a Tuesday when you can stop in and have a $3 craft beer at Jammy Buggars, which is just about a block away.

The store is classic — tons of vinyl (used and new), cool T-shirts, and a good selection of CDs. The owner will play used vinyl for you, which is a nice bonus, and you can even pick up tickets for shows at local venues like The Grog Shop.

I recently took a fabulous day off with my partner-in-life-and-crime, Dave, to explore the new stock at the store (lest you think I possess man-hands, those are his in the pics below).  We like to start at opposite ends of the store and call out albums that might be of interest, such as these by Grimes and Green Day.  FYI – we didn’t end up getting either. I just like these pics because they evoke the lovely tactile experience of perusing vinyl.A few more contenders — Metallica’s self titled “Black” album, Slayer’s “South of Heaven,” and Slasher Dave’s “Tomb of Horror.”  IMG_3180I ended up trading out the “Black” album for the most recent Baroness record, “Purple.” I saw Baroness play with Ghost a few years ago and instantly loved their progressive metal vibe. Also, their cover art is amazing — always featuring these wonderful, earthy women covered in flowers, plants, animals, etc. IMG_3213In other recent vinyl news, check out my Mother’s Day gifts below, “Journey Blind” by Magic Circle and “Dangerous Days” by Perturbator. You can read my review of “Journey Blind” here.  I haven’t reviewed “Dangerous Days,” but trust me when I say it kicks ass and you’ll probably want to run out an buy it right now, m’kay. 


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