In the bag: Cinema Wasteland Edition

Our wallets may have been empty, but our shopping bag was bursting at the seams when we left Cinema Wasteland on Sunday. Here’s what we picked up (read on for the details).


  • Delirium Magazine #9 and #10: Presented by Full Moon, the cult/horror/sci-fi/exploitation magazine is a 50/50 mix of Full Moon features and other relevant content, such as the feature on Psycho II or interview with Gene Simmons.
  • Autographed photos from “Street Trash” panelists: actor Mike Lackey (who played Fred), writer/producer Roy Frumkes, and make-up artist Jennifer Aspinall.
  • Autographed “Street Trash” comic book by artist/actor Mike Lackey.
  • “Tourist Trap” vinyl soundtrack – A beautifully remastered version of the 1979 cult film soundtrack, released on Waxwork Records.
  • Franken-Heart tote bag from Pallbearer Press (a real steal at $5!)
  • Suspiria patch – I was lucky enough to snag a T-shirt from the Goblin show in Cleveland a couple years back with the same art, and I can’t tell you enough how much I love it. It’s got a simple, iconic design, and it’s going to look amazing on the back of my denim vest. FYI – Pallbearer Press also has a lovely enamel pin with the same design.
  • Silver Shamrock (“Halloween III” patch) – Also from Pallbearer Press, it has me wondering, “How many days ’til Halloween?”
  • “Escape from New York” mug – What can I say? I like to drink my morning coffee under the watchful eye of Snake Plisskin (literally, I would like that).  
  • “Friday the 13th Part V, Cinema Wasteland commentary edition” DVD – We were in the audience when the guest panel did commentary over Part V a few years back. You can probably hear us laughing in the audience during the classic song, “Ooh, Baby.” So we had to pick up this gem for just $5.
  • “The Thing” zipper hoodie: I love this movie so much, and this hoodie is beautiful — stylized art on the front, back and both sleeves. Bonus — it’s safe for wearing to pick up the kids at preschool (not true of the equally awesome “They Live” hoodie that the same vendor was selling, which featured Roddy Piper’s classic quote, “I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of bubble gum.”).IMG_4299

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