Psychedelic sister, music-loving mama

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I was recently asked to draw my “river of life” on a big sheet of paper with those smelly, Mr. Sketch markers. It’s part of a leadership training I’m engaged in — the goal of that particular exercise was to become a better storyteller by sharing my life story in pictures.

I put a lot of events, people and places that stood out in my life. I summed up 3 of my key personal interests with 3 Ms — movies, music and makeup. I’m always blogging about the first 2, but this post is about the third — makeup.

My love affair with makeup is deeply rooted in my relationship with my mom. She’s a lifelong Mary Kay devotee. I remember her giving me a little blush and shadow when I was little, and later, taking me along to get new products from her consultant. For some, makeup might be silly and trivial, but for me it’s indelibly tied to my identity and my history. And it’s an expression of self.

As a sullen teenager, I was a black eyeliner devotee, and my shadow regimen consisted of the deep purples, blacks and reds that made my eyes look like smoky bruises. In college, I leaned toward low-maintenance looks — dark brown liner, neutral tones, mascara (of course).

In my 30s, here’s my morning beauty regimen — Cetaphil cleanser/moisturizer, followed by a Lush color supplement, Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion, 2-3 Urban Decay shadows, Urban Decay 24/7 liner, Benefit They’re Real mascara, a light layer of Bare Minerals powder, and a Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color lipstick.

I recently scored this Urban Essentials Eye Kit (a great deal at $48 from Ulta). It includes 3 full-size 24/7 eyeliners — Zero, Demolition, Psychedelic Sister; 3 full size shadows — Bordello, Sellout and Psychedelic Sister, and a big sample of Eye Shadow Primer Potion.

I also got a few other things with the order — a couple lipsticks and some awesome samples — namely Urban Decay’s Perversion mascara (I have yet to try it) and their All Nighter makeup setting spray, which I did try and it seemed to work well. Although I must admit the eye makeup is so good that it never creases or smudges anyway.

I love getting new makeup. I unboxed everything and laid it out on my bed, just gazing at it and imagining the lovely possibilities.
My daily go-to shades of eyeliner are Zero and Demolition (matte black and dark brown), but I was especially excited to try the Psychedelic Sister purples. This morning, I used all three shadows, plus a hint of another dark shade called Gunmetal on my lower lid, and did a little cat eye with the Psychedelic Sister liner. And I finished the look with black They’re Real mascara (if you haven’t tried this product, I strongly recommend you do). Paired with my purple dress, and the Quietus Writers Noise Rock Special playlist I’ve been listening to on Spotify, I’m feeling the purple power and radiating some seriously psychedelic vibes.  


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