Curated: Week of Jan. 25

  • “‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’: An Original, Effective and Highly Influential Pillar of Horror Cinema”: This article from Cinephelia & Beyond is a primer on TCM. It includes the history behind the film, behind-the-scenes photos, interviews with Tobe Hooper and Gunnar Hanson, a link to the PDF of the script, and an embedded documentary from Blue Underground called “The Shocking Truth.” It’s a virtual museum exhibit, a fan’s delight.
  • “Who Knows Best”: The author, Lisa Miller, asks the provocative question, “How smart do you have to be to raise a child?” and examines the answer through the case of Sara Gordon, a young woman with an IQ of 70, whose child was taken from her shortly after she gave birth. As a parent, reading this, you can’t help but wonder, “How would I perform as a parent if my daily habits were examined under a microscope?”

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