Why you should be watching “Ash vs. Evil Dead”

ashLike most horror fans, I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded individuals. My husband, closest friends and online pals all love horror. Even my 4-year-old is a fan — her latest discoveries include “The Munsters” and the late-’70s cartoon “Godzilla.”

So it should come as no surprise that I’ve heard and read plenty about what other people think of the TV reboot of the Evil Dead franchise on Starz. Collectively, the response seems to be appreciative of “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” I’ll lend my voice to the chorus, with these 4 reasons to tune in:

  1. Bruce Campbell as Ash is (still) pure poetry. As far as icons of the genre go, Bruce is an O.G. He is funny, handsome, intense, and spot on with every swipe of his chainsaw.
  2. The supporting cast brings it. Fresh faces Jill Marie Jones, Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago serve up a blend of action, drama and comedy in each episode, and their interactions with Bruce are priceless. Lucy Lawless has had less screen time, but needless to say, she holds her own.
  3. The story is great. 30 years after Ash sawed off his own hand in the woods, he’s back to do what he was born to do – rid the world of deadites. There are plenty of call-backs to the first 2 movies (interestingly, Ash’s back story seems to skip over “Army of Darkness,” although the humor and special effects are often reminiscent of this movie).
  4. It’s bloody and action-packed. When you consider that each episode is only about 30 minutes, the dialogue-to-guts-to-deadite ratio has to be pretty high.

My only criticism? I hope that in season 2, they ditch the CGI. While there are plenty of classic, practical effects, there’s also an unhealthy dose of especially bad CGI. It’s distracting and cheesy in an otherwise perfect show.


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