All good people are asleep and dreaming

Given the events on the world stage over the weekend, it was fitting that my favorite song Skinny Puppy played on stage at The Agora in Cleveland was Tin Omen. I can only imagine what it felt like for Nivek Ogre to take the stage during such turbulent times. The footage from the Kent State shootings, layered on top of his angry, inspired vocals, left a big impression, to say the least.

Playing for more than an hour with two encores, Skinny Puppy put on a show that was blood soaked, filled with provocative imagery, and just plain loud. Fortunately, it did not suffer from any of The Agora’s acoustic shortcomings.

You can see the full set list here (sidebar: I just discovered and it is awesome). Heavily weighted with songs off The Process, my husband, (a lifelong, dyed-in-the-wool Skinny Puppy fan) dubbed the Down the SocioPath Tour “The Lost Process Tour.”

The opening band, Youth Code, was just wrapping up when we arrived. We opted to save a few bucks on the babysitter and get to the show late, and I will admit, I regretted that decision from the brief time we had to watch them play. C’est la vie.



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